Daily Prompt: Hopeful

untitled-1via Daily Prompt: Hopeful

To Hope….please add the word Peace.

Then with luck we may in this uncertain world provide both Hope and Peace for all in the NEW year ahead.

31st December

(C) David Oakes 2016


None too Sure…….Change again ?!!


Will WordPress be just another stone wall ?

All in all WORDPRESS provides a great service….and I also know we all jump when the familiar changes. It is also true that things progress, nothing stands still and change is inevitable.

But what I do find most irritating is logging on to find that the familiar has changed ….no advance warning, no explanation, nothing.

Change but please with some consultation…..seeking user views, prior to change, not after the event

Maybe for small changes we just shrug our shoulders and get on with it.

But today logging on to the Reader and the change is dramatic and to my mind a backward step.  The image selection is a random crop, apart from a headline there is no intro script.  Whilst it is true that that in the previous reader you only got a brief scrip extract, it was enough for the shorter editorial blogs…yet enough to either demand you open and read at once the longer blogs or bookmark for reading at your leisure.

PLEASE WordPress…Don’t be a Stone Wall, listen

Marks out of 10 for the new reader on my score is 2 out of 10.

15th December

(C) David Oakes 2016

Daily Post Photo Challenge – New Horizons


Hope and Peace

This weeks Daily Post photo challenge topic is defined as New Horizons….and of course linking that thought with the coming New Year.

For me it just has to represent Hope for Peace.  Not just Peace in all those areas of bloody conflict but also those areas nearer to home where so many people are fighting just to ‘get by’.

And would it not be too much to ask that our Politicians seek to exercise Peace….Peace not just with those in Opposition to their Parties belief’s but to each other, their own colleagues, who supposedly share the same ambitions…ambitions which should be to achieve a more just and peaceful world for all of us, who ever and where ever we are.

Just my thought for that New Horizon…see what others have suggested on:-



10th December

(C) David Oakes 2016