A Winters Scene…..or two


I guess this could be a typical country scene across many parts of the UK today and over the coming week. This image is on one of the Victorian Greetings Cards in my collection.

In a recent (long put-off) sort out of files and the image archives, I also came across the image below….also a February shot.  Taken about 28 years ago on 35mm Fujichrome which I digitally scanned a few years later when we switched from film to digital imaging.  If I can dig out the traini I will try another scan on todays scanners which I am sure will produce better results….but meantime here we are

Skiddaw & Derwentwater, Cumbria

Skiddaw and Derwent Water, Cumbria 

27th February

(C) David Oakes 2018



Seasons Greetings …….Old and New


A Christmas Wish.


Published circa 1890 by Raphael Tuck and Sons, London. Printed in Bavaria.



25th December

(C) David Oakes 2016

Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge – Over 50

Anything over 50 Years Old is the brief…well how about this?


Family memorabilia in the Tower Room of Ripley Castle, Yorkshire

As most of these items in the family collection go back over several centuries I guess they count for this weeks B&W Photo Challenge.

You can see what others have suggested on:- https://ceenphotography.com/2016/07/21/cees-black-white-photo-challenge-older-than-50-years-2/

Ban W Cee

22nd July

(C) David Oakes 2016

Easter Day…….Greetings and Wishes


A Victorian Easter Card originally published by Raphael Tuck and Sons. From the David Oakes – Card Collection.

Easter Greetings to all…..and a wish that there could be more Peace and less Violence in this World.

20th April

© David Oakes 2014

Saint Valentine’s Day……..please be mine!

Valentines Day is one of the earliest ‘special’ days to be celebrated with the sending of Greetings Cards. So as my small collection of Victorian Christmas Cards were so well received, I thought that I would dig out a few of my early Valentine Cards to amuse you.  The first is very traditional in style, intricately cut out to resemble lace, dated about 1880 and as it is so very fragile I am surprised it is still in one piece (or just about)……


 Most Valentines Cards of that era were in fact just that…flat cards, with an image on the front and some times a verse on the reverse, but mostly blank for the sender to write their very own personal message.  This card from the 1900’s did include a verse……


May there be no Measure

To your Happiness To Day

Blossom of Pure Pleasure

May it Grow upon your way

May there be no Bounding

Of To Days Horizon Fair

Save the Bright Surrounding

Of the Sunny Prospect There!

The Card is Raphael Tuck and the verse credited to EDEN HOOPER


Whilst many were simple and traditional illustrations of love tokens and flowers……..


Others took the form of a pretty picture…….


or even a cartoon style evoking a supposed Shakespearean style…..



In the early 1900’s war loomed on the horizon and Valentine Cards took on another more sombre aspect to reflect the moment.  Military Illustrations and a plaintiff verse on the front, were accompanied by a much more poignant verse on the reverse encouraging both partners to be bold and brave as he heads off with his comrades to serve his country…..For a great many it was to be a last farewell


On a more cheerful note……….Happy Valentines Day to you all


I hope you have enjoyed this little historical trip back to Victorian times.

14th February

© David Oakes 2013

All cards from the David Oakes – Images Card Collection ©