The Perfect End………… The Perfect Start


Monday…..a new week and new challenges.  I have long felt that the best start to a new week is to end the previous week well and preferably in a relaxed manner.

So what better way to relax and unwind after a long weeks than to sit in the sun, in the conservatory with a good book and a glass of Single Malt.

As for the book, well nothing to heavy and ‘ If The Corncrake Calls ‘ is just ideal.  It is extracts from Ian Niall’s writings about life in a Scottish Countryside now long gone….it is thought provoking, informative, moving, refreshing in style and stimulating… is also a book you can just pick up and browse.

Now…lets see what this week has in store for us

22nd May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Silent Sunday…. So Off to Church


Saint Margaret’s Church, Cley next the Sea, Norfolk

St. Margaret’s is the Parish Church of the village of Cley next the Sea.  Once Cley was next the sea and a busy port for Norfolk, important for the agricultural in the surround county.  Today Cley overlooks the silted up river and the encroaching salt marshes… ships to see these days.

Like many of the churches in Norfolk and Suffolk it is a deliberately large building. Each village of consequence using its church as a symbol of its wealth. That wealth came from sheep (wool) and other agricultural activities from this fertile area of England.


St. Margaret’s dates back to 1320.  The massive outer doorway was added much later and adds to the already complex design of the architecture….and of course gives added stature.  Externally you can also see what remains of the now derelict north and south transepts…ruins they may be but they add some extra character to the church.  Ornate as the outside is the interior is very plain and simple, perhaps the wooden roof adding the most interest to the nave.


Construction is a mix of stone and of course Norfolk’s famous flint, ideal for surround walls and paths.

21st May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Idle Hands……


Sunny Summer Steps..

Well it is raining (again) and heavy,  idling away some time till I feel like venturing out with Buster for walkies.  So thought I would ‘fiddle around’ in Photoshop with some older images.  Always loved the above image of stone steps up to a loft dressed with Geraniums.

Maybe you will like this new interpretation after a bit of a fiddle.

On the other hand you may prefer a more subtle treatment of the flower and bee…


Or maybe the Swan stretching its wings at dawn…


Meantime it is still raining and Buster’s patience is wearing rather thin..


Well it was all for fun but comments as always welcome….

20th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

After the rains…more colour



Flag Iris….by the Lake

Another raft of colour is hitting the garden….even yesterdays heavy rains did little to dampen them….even our first Rose bud survived though it does show some signs of rain and wind damage…Aquilegia, Hawthorn and Iris make a great display


The woodland is now very much darker, gone are the carpets of Bluebells, now the Ferns and Bracken are starting to push their way to the light….it is amazing just how quickly they grow, every day you can see a big change…

19th May

(C) David Oakes 2017