Tw’s only a hiccup…….

P is for Poppy

Summers Poppies….

Summer is back….yesterday was merely a plip in the weather.

Lush is the phrase used to describe to meadows flower, they also prove that white is as bright as any colour in the floral spectrum..


even the pond is lush with growth whilst sporting a ‘gem’ of a Lilly…



So far its not been a bad year for the flowers both in the wild or our garden.  Last year we seem to stagger through in uncertainty….this year everything seems to have happened with a flourish.  We just hope they aren’t all going to fizzle out.

19th June

(C) David Oakes 2018



Well Sunday heralded a Change in the Weather….



Beech Wood, Derbyshire

Sunday brought the change in weather that had been forecast for earlier in the week. No rain of any consequence and certainly not enough to dampen the woodland floor.  But it was dull with just an occasional flash of brightness that pretended to be the sun.

So the woods were darker under the leaf canopy but the biggest change seemed to be the temperature…. by comparison with the warm spring and summer the days  the contrast seem much greater that the reality as it still registered 17c.

All in all it was a mini shock to the system and reminded us on just how well the weather gods have looked after us….even though it cannot last for ever!

18th June

(C) David Oakes 2018

Silent Sunday….The Weeping Window


Hardly seems a year since Derby hosted, for a few short weeks, this magnificent tribute to those who sacrificed so much in WW1 and the conflicts that have followed….. But a year it is, and still talked about by many as a very fitting tribute in a unique location.


The Silk Mill, Derby.


A Silent Reminder for Silent Sunday

17th June

(C) David Oakes 2018

I am going to Repeat Myself!….


Ferns and Bracken in Big Wood

I know I have said it before and indeed several other bloggers have said the same thing….’it has been a strange year so far’.  The weather and the seasons have not run to the usual pattern. Here in our little corner of England we haven’t had rain for weeks now, even when predicted it seems to have passed us bye.  It has also been rather warm.

So I find it rather surprising that in the woods everything is still coming on, rich lush growth and still sprouting that bold and bright green related to spring and not missing the lack of rain…….all rather nice.



Not a sound apart from Bird song, lots of tweeting so I guess lots of new hatchlings trying to find a safe home in the woods.

There has also been some human activity…someone has tried a little bit of woodland art (or do they call it sculpture?)


16th June

(C) David Oakes 2018