DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Heritage

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Levant ‘Tin’ Mine, Pendeen, North Cornwall

Here in the UK we are blessed with a rich Heritage.  The country side and towns are littered with buildings from long before Stonehenge to modern times…every generation creating its own piece of history and leaving behind a footprint for those that follow.

I have to admit to having a preference for the architecture that has been left by the early industrialist.

Today Cornwall is perhaps best known as a holiday destination (and a great one at that) but in days gone by it was the centre of a mining industry.  Below the surface the land was rich in minerals, Lead, Arsenic, Coal, Fluorspar and China Clay… perhaps those familiar with the Poldark Saga will immediately think of Tin.

Levant Mine above was just one of many Tin Mines.  Dangerous places to work, rock falls, explosions, gasses and working in the dark with just a candle fixed to a felt ‘Hard Hat’.  The search for the elusive veins of mineral even so some mines extended their workings in long tunnels under the sea.

Levant Mine is now a Heritage Museum with a Beam Engine…well worth a visit but maybe like me you may just like to sit and take in the Heritage that is in the air, even today long after these mines were abandoned.

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19th May

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DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflecting

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The still waters of Howden Reservoir along the Derwent Valley gives a true reflection of itself.  In case you are not sure the top image is the correct way up.

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12th May

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – A Good Match


The Feathers Hotel, Ludlow, Shropshire

Built way back in 1619 and despite some rather crazy angles to the architecture, the Feather Hotel is still standing in the Bull Ring at Ludlow.

Considering all the wood had to be carved by hand and the windows are just about perfect and compliment each other, you have to admit that these Elizabethan craftsmen created many a good match.

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     David Oakes

24th February

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Shadows


Castlerigg Stone Circle, Nr. Keswick in Cumbria

Castlerigg is a megalithic stone circle constructed around 3000bc.  By all accounts Castlerigg was strategically located here, like many other stone circles, to capture the rays and angle of the sun…..the position of the sun and the resulting shadows providing key indicators to the change of seasons and timing of what we now know as the  equinox and solstice…..in other words an ancient time clock.

Because of the importance of the seasons and weather it is also assumed that most of these stone circles were also places of worship and gatherings.

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I would also add that the sudden change of day for the Weekly Challenge caught me and I guess others by surprise.

11th February

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DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude


As the sun goes down….

An empty beach at dusk, just me and the dogs.  The crowds have headed for home and even the seagulls are quietly going about their business.  The sound of breaking waves over the sands and perhaps a little warm breeze…..that for me is magic. It also provides peace and tranquillity, time to recharge the batteries.  That is for me the best form of ‘solitude’

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4th February

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