Sunday…So Off to Church and an explore of an Old Estate



Calke Abbey

Last week I took you on a tour of the old walled Gardens at Calke and did promise a further look at this Old Derbyshire Family Estate that since 1622 belonged to  the Harpur Crewe family and their ancestors.

So as it is a Sunday we will start out tour at the family church of St. Giles.  Situated on a rise overlooking the house it is reached along a tree lined walk.. a brisk walk on any Sunday the family and Staff.



The Calke Estate passed to the National Trust in 1985 after the sudden death of Charles Harpur Crewe to help cover Death Duties.

But the family left quite a legacy.  For several Centuries Calke Estate was a virtual self sufficient estate with many employees.  There were several Farms (still working today), Expansive Stables, and all the accompanying workshops of Blacksmith, Harness and Tack rooms, Fire Station  Butcher, Baker and of course the Gardening staff, for a garden that had to be very food productive.

Calke Abbey is placed central to an extensive Park Land.  Deer once roamed freely they even had their own Deer Shelter, now a ruin….today the Deer are in a fenced enclosure.  The whole park land is a wonderful woodland full of ancient Oak Trees plus specimen Beech.  A place to explore across all the seasons…





The Old Man of Calke

(above right)

Just one of the oldest Oak trees still standing over 1000 years…what a story it can tell of the comings and goings at Calke, Derbyshire

Calke Pan 2



9th July

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Bridge (2)


via Photo Challenge: Bridge

Couldn’t help adding this image to this weeks Bridge challenge from DP.

Cruising along one of England’s many canals, they were once the Motorways (or artery)of the country vital for commercial traffic….. now a haunt of those in search of a more leisurely way of life.

The canals are spanned by a great many bridges but not all are architecturally as elegant as the ‘iron bridges’  with there low sweeping arches in contrasting black and white and boldly carrying the makers name (in this case Horseley Iron works) to my mind as in important part of our built Heritage as any Cathedral, Mansion or Castle.

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8th July

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Flippant Friday…..You Want – it they have it!


A Shropshire Town High Street….

Not many shops like this around these days…… I guess they stock just about anything and no doubt if they haven’t they will get it for you.

So if you want it  – chances are they have it!

7th July

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Hands, Feet, Paws, etc

Family-Gathering BW

All Legs…stuck in the mud

A family gathering of Flamingos, feet firmly stuck in the mud.

Just an Idea for this weeks Cees B&W Photo Challenge.

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1st July

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Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge – Pairs, Two’s, etc


A Pair of Beach Huts

I guess two Beach Huts on a Norfolk beach is a suitable subject for this weeks B&W Photo Challenge.

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Ban W Cee

24th June

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