Wordless Wednesday….Another Favourite Place

Stourhead Gardens 0049_web

Location:- Stourhead Gardens, nr. Mere, Wiltshire

30th May

(C) David Oakes 2018


DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Prolific

LakesFresh Wild Garlic

It is that time of the year when our woodlands here in the UK start to burst into life.  From nowhere shoots force there way from the hard ground, spread and flower….but it is always a short life as those woodlands trees develop their own leaf canopy and exclude the vital light from the woodland floor.

One of the stars (and one of the most prolific) of our spring woodlands is the Wild Garlic with their clusters of white starts that contrast so well with the soft green of the foliage.

A PROLIFIC display beneath the Beech Trees my suggestion for this weeks DP Photo Challenge.

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19th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Rise/Set

Into-Infinete sundown VIGn ggg

Into Infinity as the sun goes down

The sun sinks below the horizon on a calm sea, the sailing ship heads away under power ready to hoist the sails should a wind appear….

Just an idea for this weeks DP Photo Challenge. See what others have suggested on this link: via Photo Challenge: Rise/Set 


29th March

(C) David Oakes 2018

DP Weekly Photo Challenge – SWEET


The Old Sweet Shop, Southwell

Take your pick of ‘Old Fashioned Sweets’ in this very special little Sweet Shop.  I bet that over many generations children have spent a good deal of their pocket money here….and no doubt a good number of BIG KIDS that we call adults have also enjoyed a sweet treat.

My suggestion for this weeks DP Photo Challenge – Sweet

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15th February

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday……

Moody Blue

Moody Blue for a Moody Monday

I realise that we Brits have a reputation of moaning about the weather…and if not moaning at least  ‘discussing’ the weather. So continuing that tradition I make no excuse for reporting todays weather, after a mixed and windy weekend, it is wet, very wet. The good news is that we are currently enjoying record high January temperatures, yesterday it was 13c.  and right now 10c.  The better news is that by late afternoon we will have clear skies…..The bad news is that temperatures will drop to 1c maybe lower.

For me it isn’t that fact that we have a wet spell or a snowy spell, gales or heatwaves it is more a case of the change in weather cycles over the seasons.  I miss the time when you could predicted the start of spring, summer and autumn and as for winter is was predictable…you knew to a degree what to expect.

Just looking in our garden and on our woodlands walks you can detect that the plants are just as confused. New growth on many plants and trees waking up far too early brought on by mild temperatures, then struggling to survive either flood or frost.

Forecasts seem much more detailed than ever yet the reality is still hit and miss…as my mum used to say “we just have to wait and see”

The only sure fact is that on sunny days folk go about with a smile…..on grey wet days   look rather glum at the best.

Of course whilst inner feelings may change, that morning greeting will still no doubt centre around a comment on the weather!

29th January

(C) David Oakes 2018