Too Wet …even for the Geese


It Rained….and then rained some more !

Buster and I were feeling rather sorry for ourselves, appearing to be the only folk out for ‘walkies’ in this wet weather…..but at least we could head back home to get dry and warm….not so these poor Geese.

As we headed homeward you could hear that plaintive call of the Geese,  as if saying  ‘take us with you….please’

16th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Sunday….so off to Church


Saint Oswald’s Church, Grasmere, Cumbria

You have to step inside Saint Oswald’s Church to reveal the true beauty of its architecture.  Suspended wooden beams above a stone flagged floor. Double Arches down the interior wall are an added distinction.

A church has stood on this spot since 642 when Oswald of Northumberland, King of Northumberland established the original place of worship.  Saint Oswald’s as we see it today is pretty much as it was when reconstructed in the 14th century and further enlarged around the start of the 16th century.

The exterior is much more basic, a slate roof, squat tower and rather dark pebble dashed walls.


If it was not for one famous family, Saint Oswald’s would just be another village church.   But most visitors to the church today are ‘followers’ of the Poet William Wordsworth.  He and his family lived close by and worshiped  here….indeed the family graves are situated in Saint Oswald’s graveyard.

The village of Grasmere can rightly claim to be THE Wordsworth Centre.  Followers from across the world make pilgrimage to the village.  There is a Wordsworth Museum which incorporates a tribute to all the Lakeland Poets influenced by Wordsworth.  Dove Cottage and Rydal Mount, Wordsworth family residences are also open to view….just pick a quiet time to view as it does get pretty busy.


14th May

(C) David Oakes 2017