Just to Cheer myself up as The Weather has Changed….. and now rather wet

The weather has changed for the worse in our part of the world, well its rather wet.  Being honest we do rather need this rain.  Listening to the long range forecast I think we are going to have this sort of weather for the foreseeable future!

One thing our warm, and mainly dry, spring has produced is an abundance of lush foliage.  Our Hosta’s have been prolific in leaf growth…trouble is the snails and slugs have been having a real feast.  We were beginning to think that the flowers would arrive after all the leaves had been reduced to lace – however the one above has managed to thrust its stem through the leaves as it should.  By the way that little Pink flower above is Herb Robert.  Cherished in the meadows as a lovely wild flower but considered a weed in gardens……. but still very welcome in ours.

So with the weather very much on our minds I thought I would reflect on some colourful floral wonders we stumbled upon on sunny Sunday.

So some sunny memories to recall as we reflect upon what a wonderful but strange seasonal autumn, winter and spring we have enjoyed… now I imagine we pay for it!

I guess I will not be needing these for a week or two…


11th June

(C) David Oakes 2019



Hello June….Nice to see you

Bright sunshine and temperatures, we are told to be another ‘record high’ for the time of year, makes a great start to June.

The garden is continuing to establish itself for the summer to come….. Dare we say that summer is actually here!  It will be interesting to see just how it develops –  so far this year the seasons and weather have been far from what we consider normal, all rather benign on the weather front.

1st June

(C) David Oakes 2019

Early Morning Sunshine…..



Another bright sunny Spring start to the day with the early morning sun catching the flowers on the Rosemary spikes in the Herb Garden.  Despite regular cropping over the winter of this aromatic herb, this year, it is producing more of the delicate flower fleurettes than we have enjoyed before.

Elsewhere and more predictable the bright yellow flower heads of the Celandine are now starting to burst through the heavy green foliage.


Enjoy the spring sunshine and enjoy the day

29th March

(C) David Oakes 2019