Some Proper Spring Weather……


Sunshine and Showers and a much cooler climate, weather that is much more like the Spring weather we expect.

Yesterday morning’s woodland walk was fresh and stimulating. New growth everywhere, the bright greens and yellows of new leaves and of course lots of Bluebells. I hesitate to say it has been a bumper year for these iconic woodland flowers, but it might well be.  I make no apology for featuring these drifts of Blue again…after all we cannot enjoy them for long, in fact many are now retracting and falling back to disappear for another year.

26th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


Not all Bluebells are Blue……..





Our woodlands are starting to fill with Bluebells.  The largest number are the true British Bluebell, rich in colour, density and scent. But increasingly you can find invaders often called Spanish Bluebells and they are not always blue…. pale blue, thru pink to white is there colour range, nor do they have any scent.  But just like our British Bluebells they are not with us for long, just until all the light is blocked out by the new woodland leaves.

25th April

(C) David Oakes 2019


Hello! ….to British Summer (Time)


Sunday 31st March…the clocks ‘spring’ forward one hour and it is officially British Summer Time.

But it certainly isn’t summer just yet, Spring is still just getting underway. It is true much has changed over the past few weeks in both garden, countryside and woods.  Early signs of bud burst and those early flashes of springs colours can be found.  In the woods a race is on…. the Bluebells that really do say that Spring is here are now rapidly putting out there rich green leaves trying to carpet the woodland floor, but it is a race that has to be won each year.


To flower they need the bright sunlight.  So it is a case of blossoming before the leaf cover casts its dark shadow over the woodland floor.

It is though a rather splendid time of year. This year in particular as (so far) here in our part of the UK we have not had any real winter weather. So everything seem that little bit earlier and certainly this start of Spring has been a genuine bonus.  Today it is again sunny and temperature may be down from yesterdays 17c to 15c but still fine for the end of March…

There is a Country saying:-

March Winds do Blow.

“They come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb”

A calm Spring day that started with the rays of the sun ended with a warm glow….. not a bad end to March.

3 months of the year gone, vanished in a flash…Summer is still a little way off but the best of Spring is yet to come.   Enjoy 🙂

31st March

(C) David Oakes 2019


Moody Monday….. Not a Bad Start


The Path to the Woods…Open the Gate to Adventure

Spring is now moving fast…there is a great deal more leaf on the woodland trees adding to the mystery…   Yep, Spring brings us another season of discovery….so lets see what this morning has in store for us

25th March

(C) David Oakes