Too Wet …even for the Geese


It Rained….and then rained some more !

Buster and I were feeling rather sorry for ourselves, appearing to be the only folk out for ‘walkies’ in this wet weather…..but at least we could head back home to get dry and warm….not so these poor Geese.

As we headed homeward you could hear that plaintive call of the Geese,  as if saying  ‘take us with you….please’

16th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Danger

via Photo Challenge: Danger!


Danger Rock Falls …..But only on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays!

It is inevitable that Road Signs and other statutory signs will predominate in this weeks challenge…..So here is just another warning sign of possible Danger !….there are so many such signs that perhaps we take then all for granted.

That is obviously the case in point here. The Local Authority is just so used to posting signs that it never reflects on the Humour they can create.

Here there is a real danger of rock falls along the road….but link it with the sign below is and it could suggest that such falls are only between the hours of 9am and 7pm on Saturdays and Sundays and on Bank Holidays.

Trouble is no one has told the rocks….

A humorous submission for this weeks DP Photo Challenge on Danger.

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5th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Yep… is that long ago


Way back in September 1964

Just for a laugh…..

Came across this 35mm Kodachrome  slide that one of my friends took of me when on location.  Kodak’s date on the mount is September of 1964 but may have been a few months earlier.  Anyway, for a laugh I thought I would do a quick scan of the transparency.  Time has flown bye since then and lots of shutter buttons have been pressed since then.

I was a very lucky individual.  I had just secured a job with a Travel Related Organisation. The brief was to cover the UK and secure ‘Colour‘ images of the Beauty spots, Holiday resorts and Historic buildings.  Hard to think back to that era for  Colour Photography was just coming into its stride.  The change started with Sunday Supplements suddenly appearing with colour images, everything from then on changed.  The demand  from both Publishers and Tourist Organisations was for Colour images.  Photo libraries as they existed back then had built up collections that were mainly B&W, most coloured illustrations for travel guides were Artists paintings.

So I had the dream job. A Car, great Photo Gear, expenses and monthly salary and a very wide brief and the freedom to travel the seasons and the country.

Colour Photography had its challenges.  Large format was preferred by publishers, so a 5×4 Technical Camera was the prime tool, a heavy tripod essential.  Film….well that is another story.  Initially the Ektachrome Sheet film was slow……10asa (ISO) but within two years speeds had increased in small leaps to  24asa then a heady 50asa. Also the film varied in colour balance.  Ektachrome was bright and brash great for Interiors, Towns and Seaside shots. Agfachrome was more subtle  but overall warmer and much more sympathetic for Landscapes and Gardens…..add to the equation the need for different film stock for Daylight shots to Flash and Artificial light work, no adjustable white balance buttons on these cameras.

I eventually moved onto the Marketing side of the industry and remained in Publishing, Marketing and the commissioning and use of photographic images for 30 years.

Eventually moving back to Photography as an Independent Freelance.  Again perhaps it was the right time as Stock Photography was much in demand so I built my own Stock Library. Working on commissioned assignments from various Publishing Houses also enable me to build up my library stock.

Then along came Digital and everything changed again. For commission work that was great, but I resisted the temptation to try and compete in what was becoming a restricted Stock Image market were prices were being driven down ( and the increased demand for free usage).

So now my Photography is selfishly….   all for fun.

AND it has been fun and a was a great way to earn a living.  Oh! by the way…..  I haven’t changed at all ( honest!)

15th April

(C) David Oakes 2017