Wordless Wednesday……..Once there was a Forest


Location: Spittal of Glenmuick, Glen Muick, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

27th November

© David Oakes 2013

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And so it goes on….summer that is

Both in the woodlands…….


and in the garden, summer continues…..


8th of October and the sun still continues to warm us during the day.  The Weather Forecasters have been issue ing warnings over the weekend predicting that the warm spell was over.  True at night it is certainly colder, but no frosts.  As each day starts and finishes with clear blue skies it does maximise the benefits of the sun.

At dawn the lake started to glow as if autumn was approaching…..


But it didn’t take long for the woods to glow for yet another bonus summer like day, a fresh green blending with the few leaves that have dried and fallen….


The Yew tree is now producing its annual crop of berries.  Wax like in appearance they glisten just a little like miniature Christmas baubles…….


It is of course the start of the fungi season.  This solitary Fly Agaric was my first of the year…


It is now that many of the decaying fallen tree trunks act as host to small forests of fungi……


The Tortoiseshell Butterfly must soon head into cover and hibernate over winter. So it is important that it takes on board as much energy from the nectar as it can. Here it is Chives that is the provider, and it must have been a pretty rich source as this Tortoiseshell has been feeding here for most of the day.  It is important that it survives as Butterfly numbers have fallen drastically over the past few years and it only this year that we have seen their numbers start a slow gradual recovery…


Lets hope it is a survivor.

8th October

© David Oakes 2013

A September Sunday Morning….

On a morning like this it is certainly no chore to walk the dogs through the woods……..



The low sunshine lighting up last years leaf mould that still covers this woodland floor plus the odd leaf turning to its autumn colours it creates an odd mix of spring and autumn.  But the smell of the woods is still fresh, very spring like and somehow uplifting.

Fungi are a sure sign of autumns approach but so far there is little to show except that is for these bright yellow fungi.  I know them as Yellow Antler Fungi, some call them Stags Heads…. but I have no idea what their true botanical name is.


The common name really does describe the fungi but in size it is far from a majestic as a real stags horn.  This one measures just over 3cm in height.  They grow on the surface of dead tree trunks and start life (the bit that we can see) as nothing more than a pin head sized dot on the trunk…..





Japanese Knotweed adds colour to a dark corner.  Much hated by conservationist; but I admit to having a liking for this plant.  It may well spread rampantly but contrary to what we are told it is good for other wildlife, Bees in particular seem to love the pollen and Bees need all the help they can get.

A few more days like this are a welcome extension to our summer…..


22nd September

© David Oakes 2013

Still Working Hard…..

21st September and today is the day when the sun passes over the Equator on its journey south wards…it is the Autumn Equinox.  But Autumn still seems a good way off, whilst temperatures have dropped the sun still graces us and our gardens and woods show no real sign of decline.

The Bees are still busy seeking out the best pollen and most flowers are open for business.  Here it is a Michaelmas Daisy that plays host to this bee, just one of many enjoying the late summer bounty……


21st September

© David Oakes 2013

September Sunshine….

The sun this September morning is now lower than the summer months, but just as bright…in fact this morning it gives a rather spring/early summer feel to the woods rather than that of approaching autumn.  The leaves for the most part are still verdant green with that fresh look, even though the occasional leaf is starting to turn…..


 Even the ferns are looking as if they are bursting with new life and that their best is yet to come……



As a bonus the air smells so fresh and with the birds calling in the trees it is rather spring like (it is a shame that I cannot capture those smells and sounds to add more ambience to share with you).  A great morning to enjoy and share….I do hope you can.

2nd September

© David Oakes 2013