Moody Monday…… Damp


It has been a stormy and wet weekend and Monday seems due to be equally as damp. It is true that in our part of the UK we could do with some rain, the reservoirs are low.

Despite all the dry weather we do seem reluctant embrace this very necessary weather phenomenon…… many long faces are testament to that.

15th October

(C) David Oakes 2018


Moody Monday…..

Saksun, Faroe Islands

Saksun on the Faroese Island of Streymoy

Peaceful Saksun in the Faroe’s. The grass roofed Church overlooking mountain and sea loch, surrounded by lush green pasture ideal for sheep.

On our visit the weather was…. lets say, moody.

Damp, but not raining and a constant drift of clouds in various shades of grey…..just like the weather predictions for today here in our small corner of the UK.  Yep…. a Moody Monday

20th August

(C) David Oakes 2018



Moody Monday…Is this an April Fool Prank?


Well here we are, the last day of April……they have always said that April is the month of showers…..well today is like most days this month, it is raining and raining heavy.  Gales are also forecast so please excuse me if I think someone is playing a belated April Fools prank upon us.

I am just hoping that the 3 days of ‘real’ Spring we revelled in the middle of the month will be replicated, but on a more regular basis during May.

I also hope that we have some colourful floral joy to come….after all what is it they say,

“April Showers will bring forth May Flowers”

30th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday….A Tough Life Being a Roman Soldier


Hardknott Roman Fort, Cumbria

The top of Hardknott Pass in Cumbria is both a remote and for much of the year a very bleak place. So I guess not much fun for those Roman Soldiers billeted to outpost to maintain the Roman Empires hold over the Brits….. and very different from the Mediterranean climate they were so far from.

Remote as it was the Fort was large by Roman standards, so must have had seriously important security  issues for the Regiment to enforce. The Fort stands at some 280feet above sea level  and on a mountainous West to East Roman Road.

Monday or not…I guess there were a more than a few moody soldiers around.

9th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday… Howden Moor


The Old Sheep Pens, Howden Moor, Derbyshire

Easter Monday and it is  more than moody.  Overnight deluge of rain turned to sleet as the morning woke to a very dark start. I guess Howden Moor (above) although only a short distance away, but being high on the moors will be covered with a layer of snow.  Looking on the brighter side it surely cannot last for long…gone within a few days.

Howden Moor is on the southern slopes of the Derbyshire Pennines.  just below the horizon above is the source of the River Derwent that flows all the way through the county till it joins the Trent on the Nottinghamshire border.

Not that many years ago these moorland slopes would have been covered with sheep, hence the need for these large sheep pens. But overgrazing (along with other factors) was causing destruction to the moor, so whilst sheep still graze for part of the year the numbers are restricted.  At the moment, as it is Lambing season, they have been taken down to lower ground for safety.

These moors are just a big sponge of very deep peat on which some bracken but mainly heather has developed.  We are though told that many centuries ago trees covered many of these slopes. A conservation initiative is taking place on the slopes on the left of the moor to replant native trees, early days but they seem to have taken well….. so in a few year I may be able to capture a very different landscape.

2nd April

(C) David Oakes 2018