Moody Monday…. another Grey Day


Low cloud, grey and a day of drizzle… so I suppose it is the perfect Moody Monday.

We are now past the mid point of February.  By reputation February is wet hence the old country rhyme….

February fill the dyke,
Be it black or be it white;
But if it be white,
It’s the better to like

But I have to tell the truth….this year February has on balance been sunny and dry for the most part, then when it has rained it has indeed rained. Rain filling the dykes, flooding meadows, creating muddy tracks for walking and of course swelling the rivers so they run fast.  So much for the black stuff, as for the white well we had (so far) one day with some snow.

But there are still 9 days of the month left and the forward forecast is not good.

19th February

(C) David Oakes 2018


Moody Monday……High and Dry


Good Hope…

The boat was once named ‘Good Hope’,  you can just about make out the faded wording on the wheelhouse.  But I guess all hope is now gone for this once majestic wooden Fleetwood Trawler which at one time plied its trade in the North Atlantic waters.

The rust marks on the wooden sides are rust stains from the nails. It has been retired as far as I know for well over 4o years (possibly very much longer) resting here on the Salt Marshes of the River Wyre.

Surprisingly despite high winds and at times exceptional high tides this empty shell remains in situ, unmoved and now a familiar part of this coastline.

I do know that at various times it has caught they eye of would be restorers, but in all cases that original enthusiasm soon runs out….but I guess as long as it remains as in-tacked, as it miraculously still is, there must be some Hope, Good or not remains to be seen.

5th February

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday… Monday so is it Wash Day

Crail, Fife

Before Tumble Driers….

There was a time, and not that long ago, when Monday by tradition was Washing Day.  Never was quite sure why a Monday had been defined for the ‘weekly’ washing of the family clothes…but it was.  Gardens and streets, courtyards and vacant places had a clothes line with cloths hopefully drying in the fresh air.

Perhaps it is a tradition that some households still maintain. But with washing machines and tumble driers, not to mention launderettes and washing services,  a washing line is not necessarily an essential.  Nor perhaps does it fit with 21st century life styles.

But this Monday morning it is pouring with rain, so little point in following tradition…even if one wanted too.  Little chance of the clothes drying in the wind today.

Funny how life changes…..I suppose that is progress

15th January

(C) David Oakes 2018

Moody Monday….After the storms



Barns Ness Lighthouse, East Lothian, Scotland

After a weekend that started with a bleak outlook, had the occasional bright spell but otherwise stormy, Monday has arrived and no doubt with it a mixed week ahead.

Reminded me of an early Monday morning a few years ago on the East Coast of Scotland just south of Dunbar.  We had been hunkered down over a very wet and windy weekend, so waking early to low morning sunshine and a breathless wind I headed down to the shoreline below Barns Ness Lighthouse.  The clear blue sky above was only fringed by the receding storm clouds, the naturally red sandstone bathed even deeper red in the morning light.

The area is well worth a visit, Barns Ness is itself central to a Coastal Nature Reserve whilst nearby Dunbar (birthplace of John Muir, naturalist, explorer and writer) is a great Scottish Borders Fishing Village also worth exploring.

20th March

(C) David Oakes 2017

Moody Monday….and the rest!



A wind is getting up……

Moody Monday….and by the look of the forecast is could well turn out to be a Moody Week.

All we can do is let it all take its course and hope that we do get the occasional brighter spell on which to end the month.

27th February                                                         David Oakes

(C)David Oakes 2017