I Wish I was There……………….…(8)

As one of my Favourite Places I have selected as No.8 a location as much for its ambience as its physical attractions. The ambience is one that I love….there are few things better in life than walking along the tide line as the sea breaks on the shore beside you…..The other attraction is the shear beauty of the broad sweeping bay, backed by dunes and with bookends of headland at either end.  Often busy being popular with tourists but also can be a bay of tranquillity…..


On this particular evening the waves rolled fast, but gently, each a long line that gently folded under itself as it approached the shore.  The smell of seasalt hung in the breeze and gulls called above.  The headland above is knows as Worms Head and juts out into Rhossilii Bay.  It had been a sunny day with occasional cloud and just as I thought we would enjoy a real sunset the clouds came in again, only this time much thicker, so we made the most of what we were blessed with and secured a warm evening shot instead.

Worms Head is a fascinating headland. At low tide you can walk (or rather scramble) out to the end, so I guess some might call it an island. The trick is to head out just as the tide falls so that you can have maximum time to explore before the incoming tides isolates Worms Head once again….


As the tide recedes an inclined rocky out crop is revealed.  The first part of the causeway is hard going underfoot but gives way to a grass topped walk to what you think is the end, crossing on the walk the appropriately named Devils Bridge, an arch through which heavy seas crash. But there is still a surprise as when you think that you are about to reach the end you come across a final obstacle, another scramble, before you can truly say you have been to the tip of the Worms Head.  A scramble but well worth the effort.

Whilst the east side of Worms Head is rocky and rugged the west side gives way to that wide and very long sandy beach, a beach backed by sand dunes and a great place to end the day with some quiet reflections….even though the promised sunset never materialised!

Rhossilii Bay-054 Rhossilii Beach and Bay with Worms Head beyond


The Broad sweep of Rhossilii Bay from the Headland

Worms Head and Rhossilii are at the tip of the Gower Peninsular South Wales. The Gower being an area rich in both modern and ancient history and natural beauty.


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23 August