Tw’s only a hiccup…….

P is for Poppy

Summers Poppies….

Summer is back….yesterday was merely a plip in the weather.

Lush is the phrase used to describe to meadows flower, they also prove that white is as bright as any colour in the floral spectrum..


even the pond is lush with growth whilst sporting a ‘gem’ of a Lilly…



So far its not been a bad year for the flowers both in the wild or our garden.  Last year we seem to stagger through in uncertainty….this year everything seems to have happened with a flourish.  We just hope they aren’t all going to fizzle out.

19th June

(C) David Oakes 2018



Well Sunday heralded a Change in the Weather….



Beech Wood, Derbyshire

Sunday brought the change in weather that had been forecast for earlier in the week. No rain of any consequence and certainly not enough to dampen the woodland floor.  But it was dull with just an occasional flash of brightness that pretended to be the sun.

So the woods were darker under the leaf canopy but the biggest change seemed to be the temperature…. by comparison with the warm spring and summer the days  the contrast seem much greater that the reality as it still registered 17c.

All in all it was a mini shock to the system and reminded us on just how well the weather gods have looked after us….even though it cannot last for ever!

18th June

(C) David Oakes 2018

A Change…but not for the Better!


Big Wood, Allestree

All good things must come to an end (or maybe for a short pause!)… after several weeks of fabulous sunny spring weather that magically changed into summer, there has been a distinct change.  Heavy dark clouds and a temperature drop.

So this mornings walk thru the woods was very dark only the bright fresh green on new ferns broke the sombre pallet of the Pines.   On the positive side….it didn’t rain.


It has now been confirmed that May was both the warmest and driest since (I think they said) 1912

4th May

(C) David Oakes 2018

Oh! What a Wonderful Day…..


A rich blue sky and a warming sun….. Yesterdays Blog was titled ” Good Morrow” and that is exactly what we got. If you don’t consult the advance weather forecast you may well be fooled into thinking spring is here at last.

Well it certainly is starting to feel that way. We still have the long shadows in the woods but it is dry underfoot and the leaves starting to breakdown adding goodness back to the soil…. and you can also smell a change, fresh and invigorating….

I think the Fairy Tree is still occupied…everything looks tidy in front of No5, but I haven’t seen any ‘gifts’ left outside…so I guess the Little One who had been their benefactor has out grown the task…


So to emphasis the change in seasonality of the weather here are two images from roughly the same location…….. One from January and the other today (spot the difference!).

So whilst the sunshine….lets make the best of it.


26th March

(C) David Oakes 2018