Calm before the Storm…..

By the Lake.jpg

Bright and Cheerful….

Cold but calm by the Lake this morning….   Tomorrow, Wednesday, we see the approach of storms with heavy rain and gales.  Then it is a return to the real cold winter weather to be expected in December.  An Arctic blast and potential for snow.

5th December

(C) David Oakes 2017


Cold…. but Invigorating on the Moor…..


Stanton Moor, Derbyshire

Friday started very cold with just a touch of frost to liven things up.  But it also started with a glorious blue sky and the promise of sunshine.

The Silver Birch on the moor are now striped bare, stark skeletons against the blue of the early morning sky.

The first rays of the low morning sun cast long shadows across the Nine Ladies Stone Circle, chasing away the last touches of frost…


Stanton Moors are not that big as Derbyshire moors go, nor are they very high, just sufficiently high to give great views over the surrounding Dales. On a perfect autumnal morning ideal for an invigorating walk where you literally feel on top of the world… with the bonus of being so early… having the place to ourselves – peace


One of the reasons that I love these Moors is that whilst it conveys that feeling of wildness, as any moor should, it also has a softer side. There are a few areas where the Silver Birch stands are quite dominant. Beneath the Birch most of the ground is covered with bracken…. now rust coloured as it dies back for another year…but the morning sun makes it positively glow.



It is nearly the end of November so the Purple of the Heather has long gone yet the Moors still have an autumn glow and yes, you can still scent the distinctive honey wax smell.

Whilst I am far from being unsociable it was great to be alone in such a wide open space….fresh air and Buster as a walking companion was all I need to make this a perfect start to the day…


25th November

(C) David Oakes 2017


False Dawn……


It was just kidding us….

We woke on Sunday to a rather nice warm looking dawn, just a few clouds scudding along in a mild breeze.  The forecast was for rather dire weather….could the forecasters be wrong ?   Well not this time.  By late morning and for the rest of the day it has just be dull grey and very damp…with heavy rain at times.

But best not to complain as we did have a great start and were able to take advantage before heading for home.

4th September

(C) David Oakes 2017


That Time of Year….


Mists and Willow, Derbyshire

Spring has arrived, OK a slow start……but the warmth of the past few days together with all the moisture in the ground and you get the perfect conditions on a cold early morning for a little mist.  Add to that the new leaves on the weeping willows and you have all the making of a great new day.

28th March

(C) David Oakes 2017