The Morning started well….but then went back to sleep


Over the Gate…A February morning

The morning started well, a blue sky that was slightly wispy, not a breath of wind and a touch of haze on the horizon…..OK the sun did appear, albeit rather weak, but the day still had promise.

By lunch time the day had gone back to sleep.  Not sure how to describe it, but the haze did thicken,  never really became thick enough to be called a mist. It also had a strange effect on the colour of the weak sun. Even at midday it had that warm glow you would normally associate with dusk..  dusk without a sunset….well it was midday!


Strange maybe which just added to the February mornings feel for a brisk winter walk…


When evening arrived a change in mood of the weather occurred.  Heavy rain and high winds….and more predicted.

6th February


Spring again…….



Two consecutive days of Spring like weather (OK its cold!) and if I hadn’t tuned into the long term weather forecast I would be rather content with things.  I think we can safely say that this sunny spell will not be lasting much longer…. in fact from the middle of next week we may well be into a deep cold spell, maybe even deep snow.

We couldn’t venture far today, so a walk through our local woods had to be the main menu for the day.  Nor could we feel in anyway disappointed, the sun cutting through the trees, the dried leaves on the floor, the Pine Trees glistening and dancing in the light breeze next to tall slender Silver Birch it was just great.  To add yet more of a spring feeling to the day a fresh display of Catkins bounced in the breeze.

But I reckon that the biggest bonus of the day was that everyone we met had a BIG smile on their Faces 🙂

10th January

(C) David Oakes 2019

It could be Spring….


Redwood and Yew

Such a glorious start to the day.  Colder than of late, possibly because of the clear blue sky, but a very spring like feel to a very sunny day…a sun that cut through the lingering morning mist. The river was still in shadow so I guess the Sculling Four would need to work up there own heat…


But in the sunshine it was warm enough to sit and ponder as to  what a great day it was turning out to be….


Trouble is I have seen the forecast for the rest of the week and I don’t think this Spring feeling will last for long.

But very nice whilst it lasts.

8th January

(C) david Oakes 2019