New Growth in the Pines…..


Spring growth is now in full flourish…buds are bursting, new flowers appearing and in the Pines new seed setting.  Come the autumn there will be a fine crop of cones.

2nd May

(C) David Oakes 2017


New Growth……. Above and Below


Bluebells and Sycamore

The new growth of spring is now all about us.  Trees, in this case Sycamore are showing off their new bright green leaves whilst on the woodland floor below the Bluebells are now also in a race to flower and spread, it is a race before the tree canopy casts its shadow over them for another year.




On the fringes new woodland growth is also establishing itself.  Already casting a dark glow over the bare floor below.  Not sure how long it will be before the understore will develop, a good deal will depend upon when it is decided to thin the young trees to allow them to flourish and more light to peculate ….


On the very edge of the woodland, Wild Cherry is also in Blossom, its delicate flowers are hoping that no winds of any consequence arrive till the pollen is set….

The weather whilst sunny has also been very cold, the nights particularly so.

-5c in this part of Central England and I am told much colder elsewhere.  The positive, if there is one, is that perhaps the cooler daytime temperatures will allow the Bluebells to have a slightly long life then their usual brief flourish.

20th April

(C) David Oakes 2017

Spring Green encroaches……


Green ….Again !

No doubting that spring has sprung, everywhere is bursting with green.  Green in every shade and tint that you can imagine.

Green we are also told that it does the sole, and just about every other aspect of our human bodies, a world of good.

For those in the UK or who have access to the BBC Radio I-Player  then tune into a programme that was broadcast on Radio 4 at 1.45pm on the 12th April.  It is 15 minutes of everything you didn’t know about the colour green…..worth a listen.

Here is a link to the I-player:-

and a link to the programme

14th April

(C) David Oakes 2017

Spring and a smile……


Spring and Wood Anemones…

The sun breaking thru to the woodland floor has brought out into flower this clump of snow white Wood Anemones….and of course this wonderful spring day brought a broad smile to my face….and with temperatures rising to 18c what is not to like…Spring is here.


Morning started with long shadows,  despite a hint of red in the early light, it did take a while to warm up, but then the sun was bringing its new life and sparkle to all corners of the woodland and surrounding meadows.  Blackthorn is full of its white blossoms, new leaves are breaking out of their swelling buds on Sycamore and Chestnut .  Deep in the woods the fresh leaves for the Bluebells that will give us their carpet of blue later in the month are now breaking through the covering of winters leaves.  The yellow jewel like buds of the wild Celandine are also popping out…you have to make the most of these much underrated wildflowers….they are at first sparse on the ground then all of a sudden a thick yellow and green carpet and very soon after they shrivel and brown and die.

DOI_2126_00004bb - Copy


DOI_2145_00023bb - Copy

There is both good news and possibly bad news over in the Ash Field.


The good news is that we have been keeping a close eye on these mature native Ash trees.  The deadly ‘ash die back disease’ is still spreading and causing havoc to some woodlands….thankfully another winter has passed and these beautiful specimens appear disease free.

The bad news is that although it is hard to detect on the above image the leaves are actually unfurling from their buds. Now if you believe old country folklore you will know the rhyme..

Ash before Oak

we are in for a soak

Oak before Ash

we are in for a splash

You can choose to believe or not….but in this corner of middle England, the Oak have yet to show their colours !

4th April

(C) David Oakes 2017