DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening


Wood Anemones

Late yesterday evening, in a woodland glade near us, I came across this patch of Wood Anemones.  They are late to flower this spring (like many of our wild flowers) but here they are at last….and just in time to add to this weeks DP Photo Challenge on Awakening. Late they may be and with only days to live, but perhaps they a little more special for that.

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17th April

(C) David Oakes 2018





DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Awakening


Colours of Spring

Winter is slow to loose its grip this year and Spring is reluctant to fight the seasonal battle….but before long Spring will win out.

So for the moment we take pleasure from those golden trumpets of Daffodils and Forsythe that have started to grace our garden….so keen are we to embrace these harbinger’s of Spring that we also welcome them into out homes to add just a little more joy to life as the dark season slowly fades whilst watching the awakening of Spring to continue life’s cycle.

Just my interpretation of this weeks Photo Challenge.

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12th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

Autumn meets Spring……


At last the woodlands are starting to come to life.  The buds are swelling on the trees and below those bare branches the spring bulbs are emerging.  Snowdrops have now gone,  the Daffodils are now forcing there way through the autumn leaves that still cover the woodland floor, soon they will create a magical yellow carpet…  and perhaps the best of spring is yet to come as the first green shoots of Bluebells have started to show.  Then Yellow will turn to Blue

All we need now is some consistently good weather 🙂

7th April

(C) David Oakes 2018

Oh! What a Wonderful Day…..


A rich blue sky and a warming sun….. Yesterdays Blog was titled ” Good Morrow” and that is exactly what we got. If you don’t consult the advance weather forecast you may well be fooled into thinking spring is here at last.

Well it certainly is starting to feel that way. We still have the long shadows in the woods but it is dry underfoot and the leaves starting to breakdown adding goodness back to the soil…. and you can also smell a change, fresh and invigorating….

I think the Fairy Tree is still occupied…everything looks tidy in front of No5, but I haven’t seen any ‘gifts’ left outside…so I guess the Little One who had been their benefactor has out grown the task…


So to emphasis the change in seasonality of the weather here are two images from roughly the same location…….. One from January and the other today (spot the difference!).

So whilst the sunshine….lets make the best of it.


26th March

(C) David Oakes 2018

Its Official…Its Spring



20th March…at last the Spring Equinox, so officially it is the start of Spring. 


New life is starting to appear and before long everything will burst out of its winter hibernation in a rush of green and golden yellow soon to be followed by a multitude of rainbow colours.

That’s the good news for the day….. and whilst the sun IS shinning at the moment I don’t think it will be with us for long

20th March

(C) David Oakes 2018