Early Morning Sunshine…..



Another bright sunny Spring start to the day with the early morning sun catching the flowers on the Rosemary spikes in the Herb Garden.  Despite regular cropping over the winter of this aromatic herb, this year, it is producing more of the delicate flower fleurettes than we have enjoyed before.

Elsewhere and more predictable the bright yellow flower heads of the Celandine are now starting to burst through the heavy green foliage.


Enjoy the spring sunshine and enjoy the day

29th March

(C) David Oakes 2019


Moody Monday….. Not a Bad Start


The Path to the Woods…Open the Gate to Adventure

Spring is now moving fast…there is a great deal more leaf on the woodland trees adding to the mystery…   Yep, Spring brings us another season of discovery….so lets see what this morning has in store for us

25th March

(C) David Oakes

A Shy Camelia….


For a plant that loves the sunshine on its petals I find it odd, that in our garden, it is the buds that are in the shade that burst in to full flower first.

There are many more to come that will not be able to hide away in a dark corner….much to the relief of Bees that are magnetically drawn in to that yellow centre.

Elsewhere a few straggling, struggling Hyacinth are doing their very best to add some blue to the garden….


Also reminding us that the Bluebell season will be upon us soon and probably a little early than usual this spring

23rd March

(C) David Oakes 2019

Spring’s Colourful Spotlight……


Our First Tulip..

After many dark days in the garden over the past few months Spring is now shinning its spotlight creating some startling colour hotspots.

Hardy larger Daffodils are now being replaces by there more delicate cousin the Narcissus, whilst Forsythia is not going to be out done on the yellow front…

The Mahonia who’s hardy dark green leaves have shrugged off the heavy rains are now adding their own startlingly red vibrance…  contrasting with the more subtle shades of the early Pink Blossom’s



18th March

(C) David Oakes 2019