Well Worth A Closer Look……


If asked to describe a Hyacinth bloom I guess many of us would say ‘big and blousy – rather brash but with a delicate scent’.  Take a closer look and you find a cluster of petals forming individual delicate flower heads….. each a marvel in its own right.

Definitely worth a closer look….and a sniff.

19th February

(C) David Oakes 2019


Spring…No I think we have gone straight to Summer


With blue skies and bright warm sunshine I think we have had the rush of spring flowers and have now moved straight into the start of summer.  Our meadows that surround the woods are now packed with sweet smelling meadow flowers, herbs and clovers, mostly yellows and greens but with the occasional splash of magenta and red.  As with all things in nature they will not last for ever but for a week or two the display (good weather permitting) can only get better.. there is also an abundance of insects all desperately feeding from the nectar whilst pollinating as they go…


In a shady corner on the edge of the wood I was surprised to find that some Bluebells are still providing there unique colour…admittedly they are on their last legs but still fighting for the light…


22nd May

(C) David Oakes 2018