After the rains…more colour



Flag Iris….by the Lake

Another raft of colour is hitting the garden….even yesterdays heavy rains did little to dampen them….even our first Rose bud survived though it does show some signs of rain and wind damage…Aquilegia, Hawthorn and Iris make a great display


The woodland is now very much darker, gone are the carpets of Bluebells, now the Ferns and Bracken are starting to push their way to the light….it is amazing just how quickly they grow, every day you can see a big change…

19th May

(C) David Oakes 2017


That is how the weather has been…


Borrowdale, below Black Crag and Maiden Moor, Cumbria

Well the past few days have been very different to the early spring when wall to wall sunshine and record highs were recorded.  At least it brought out springs new growth.

Now we are ‘enjoying‘ damp and cold weather with heavy cloud with just the occasional break to allow a shaft of sunshine to brighten up a series of otherwise dull day.

28th April

(C) David Oakes 2017

Spring Sunshine…..


Clematis Flower…

Less than a week ago the Clematis was no more than some buds of promise…remember these….

18 Clematis

Well just look at them now….

Elsewhere and hiding in one dark corner, now fighting for light, is this Snow Flake flower. Normally they have bloomed and gone by now, not this year they are one of the this years slow starters.  Not sure we are going to have the usual full display…


The Woodland canopy is now filling out, casting dark shadows over the ground below.  Not good news for our Bluebells.


Bluebells always have a race against time.  Dormant for most of the year you would not know they were there.  Then in early spring they suddenly burst from what looked like lifeless earth, green leaves that eventually send up a delicate flower stalk with the characteristic Blue Bells atop.




But it is a race to flower before the light is cut off and then for another year they die back to the ground and soon we would not know that they were beneath our feet.

Sycamore are amongst my favourite trees and they also add to springs glory with leaves that glisten and filter the morning light…


Humble leaves but as beautiful in my view as any flower blossom, changing colours as they develop into full grown leaves.


Early Morning….Allestree Lake

A lovely spring morning….but best make the most of it as the Weather Forecasters tell us that a VERY cold snap is on the way with the certainty of frost and the possibility of snow.  As always with the weather we will wait and see. 🙂

24th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


Sunny …but very cold


A Morning of Long Shadows..

It is sunny…. but feels oh! so cold.  After several days of record high seasonal temperatures that reached 24c, the sun is now failing to compete with cold northerly winds and we are now ‘enjoying’ temperatures of 11c at best.

However we are told worse weather is to come.  Rather predictable as Easter Holidays now loom upon us. From tomorrow 4 days of Public (Bank) Holidays… just when so many could do with the freedom that warm weather gives us it looks like rain, cold and windy.

So I for one am making the most of today.

13th April

(C) David Oakes 2017


Winter Sunshine….well just a little


Early Morning at Allestree Lake….

It made a welcome change after the recent spell of dark damp days to catch a glimpse of that elusive sun. Indeed it was just a glimpse but enough to cast a brighter light of what had become a very uninspiring landscape.

There was a morning mist across the Ash meadows and along the side of the woods,  as the sun climbed so did the thermometer and away went the mist.

By the time we reached the lake the day started to fill with promise….


In truth the morning never did seem settled, colours subdued and no warmth in the air. By lunch time normal service had been resumed with dark skies and a damp feel to the breeze

At least we know that the sun is still up there….somewhere, biding its time!

14th February

(C) David Oakes  2017