Weekly Photo Challenge…….Layers


Layers is the nominated theme for this week and this is my interpretation of ‘natures’ very own layers.  Each day the tide comes and goes bringing in or taking out yet another layer of sand…..over months, but some times just a day if there are storms, the level of the beach can rise and fall by many feet as layers are removed or deposited. An ever changing scene.

Location: Morecambe Bay, Lancashire at sunset.

16th November

© David Oakes 2013



I Wish I was There………….(6)

Trying to identify your favourite places in the U.K. is not easy. For No. 6 in this occasional series I am taking you back to Scotland, to the North West coast, to Scourie and because I haven’t enjoyed a proper sunset this summer I thought it would be a good excuse to enjoy one…

Disc One

High tide across Scourie Bay looking to the Scottish Wildlife Trusts Handa Island Reserve.  Here in the far north of Scotland in summer you will find the days long and the nights short and on a good day able to enjoy a tranquil sunset. 

I was told, but was sceptical until I witnessed it once and so far only once, that just as the sun falls below the horizon there is a quick FLASH of green in the suns glow.  Indeed there is but I suspect the moisture over the sea has much to do with it enabling the refraction of light to project this particular colour of the rainbow.  Try and spot it next time you have a sunset….at least it is a good excuse to stay to catch the last remaining glimpse of the days sun!

16 August



A boat registered in Pool (Dorset) and a French named vessel both some way from home at Glasson Dock, Lancashire.   Glasson Dock is a man made harbour off the River Lune estuary on the south east edge of Morecambe Bay. On the opposite shore is a very different port at Sunderland Point.


The Old Customs House and Quay now stand largely silent and very different from the time when this was the major port on the Lune.  In those days (and I am talking 1700’s) sail boats were drawn up onto the shingle and unloaded and loaded at low tide directly into horse drawn carts……


Sunderland Point lies to the very west of a peninsula surrounded by salt marsh and even to-day visitors approaching from Lancaster need to heed the tides to avoid being cut off.  So a peaceful place but also one that has a darker and humbling secret.  The port was truly international and many boats came to and from the West Indies. Within the dunes overlooking the bay in a lonely location is the Grave of Samboo a cabin boy who died on reaching Sunderland Point around 1736. 




The grave is old, and whilst not in any church yard, is still cared for with love by the locals and obviously not forgotten…..

It is also a reflection of times gone bye and a reminder that attitudes do change for the better.

So Samboo still rest’s in peace

And when the sun does go down there are few places as peaceful nor as beautiful as Morecambe Bay…………..


Lune Light, River Lune Estuary, Morecambe Bay

(For those who have eagle eyes this is the same location as the sunset posted on the 3rd March but taken some 15 minutes later)

Map picture


10th March

To Brighten up your day

It is wet, dark and getting windy outside this morning, not very encouraging to venture far…….so I thought a picture to brighten the morning would be a good idea to remind us that life does have its brighter moments too.


The Lune Light, Morecambe Bay, Lancashire

Have a good day where ever you are and what ever the weather.

3rd March