Not all Bluebells are Blue……..





Our woodlands are starting to fill with Bluebells.  The largest number are the true British Bluebell, rich in colour, density and scent. But increasingly you can find invaders often called Spanish Bluebells and they are not always blue…. pale blue, thru pink to white is there colour range, nor do they have any scent.  But just like our British Bluebells they are not with us for long, just until all the light is blocked out by the new woodland leaves.

25th April

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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Music



It’s All Wind……

Creating music can be a joint undertaking as with a Brass Band

on the other hand it might just be a lonely affair…


and simply ignored by the crowds…


But the Band played on as they sailed away…


Just a few suggestions for this weeks Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Music

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23rd August

(C) David Oakes 2018

Thursday Trivia……..Boys Toys

Rilpey Castle Tower room

The eyes of most boys would light up if they walked into this room.  It is a collection of weapons and memorabilia the larger part being weapons and guns from over 700 years.  As many have been used in anger they are far from being ‘boys toys’.

The collection is located in the Tower Room at Ripley Castle, Yorkshire.  The castle has been the home of the Ingilby family for over 700 years.  Castles and Stately Homes across the U.K. are great places to visit, some large grand Houses of much style, others more rugged Castles built to defend  the owners. But often we forget just how important to our countries history these family’s were.  The Ingilby family is one such family, Ripley Castle is still their home, a real family who’s history will be forever linked to defending our Kings and Queens over all those years and at times paying the ultimate price.

You can find out more at: or just Bing Ripley Castle.

23rd January

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