Saturday Excursion….. Almeria


Saturday Excursion is a very occasional trip down memory lane, to locations that we have only visited for one day, but sufficiently inspired to want to return to visit all the many aspects of the place we missed….today that place is Almeria.


Almeria is an important Andalusian City, the Provincial Capital. Located on the south east Mediterranean coast of Spain.

It is dominated by the Muslim Citadel of Alcazaba with its protective walls encircling the landward side of Almeria. Like much of southern Spain the North African influence has shaped its history, culture and architecture.  To day Almeria is a bustling city mixing both the old with the very new. High rise buildings seem to offer the same rugged skyline that mirrors that of Alcazaba. Narrow streets, busy courtyards, hidden Cathedrals and modern shopping streets all blend seamlessly together. It is all as peaceful as any busy city can be, it does though hides a past that has been far from peaceful. Earthquakes, Civil War, Religious Invasions and World Wars have all violently scarred Almeria.  There is still a network of underground tunnels and caves where folk sought refuge

Today Tourism is an important commercial asset for Almeria but perhaps not as important to the Cities economy as the vast area of Greenhouses, I believe well over 100,000 acres, growing fruit and vegetable for shipping all over Europe. You could probably call it the ‘veg basket of Europe’

So here is a very short whirl wind trip round Almeria which I hope gives you a flavour of the City and its coastline

It was certainly an action packed day, but with a glorious sunrise to the Mediterranean day at Almeria  we knew it could only get better


25th May

(C) David Oakes 2019


Saturday Excursion….. Bremen


The Town Musicians of Bremen

I thought I would present you with another Saturday Excursion, an excursion to somewhere visited once but highlighted as a “must go Back to” location.

I have to admit that Bremen wasn’t really on my radar to visit….but a Day Tour ( a shuttle bus to the centre so we would be free to explore) had been organised from a cruise we were on, seemed a good idea, so we joined….and we were so glad we did.

Nor did I know anything much about Bremen, though I was aware and enjoyed the Brothers Grimm Fairy Story of The Town Musicians of Bremen, now honoured in a rather unique statue in the main square.

Situated in North West Germany on the mighty River Weser, Bremen is steeped in history.  It is a medieval and a modern City, a Cultural Centre and also very proud of its Hanseatic past.  Architecture matching the various styles over the Cities long history and Statues, like that of the mighty Roland, all worth more than a passing glance….plus some more modern creations.

The Schnoor district by the River is worth a visit all on its own.  Narrow streets, tall buildings, once warehouses, workshops for crafts people reliant on a marine trade plus Offices of Shipping Companies, Merchants, Importers and Agents.

Enjoyable as it was, one day was certainly not enough.  We couldn’t get into the magnificent Cathedral as it was closed for restoration work, nor did time allow to explore any of the many Art Galleries and Museums. So those alone are good reasons to return. What we did enjoy was exploring a rather smart city full of friendly folk, a city that had many styles. Oh! and I should say we also enjoyed the Coffee shops and the great choice of Restaurants.

So here is a quick visual excursion for you to join…


The weather could have been better but it didn’t slow us down, though perhaps we did linger a little longer over lunch….  so with a farewell kiss, we did say ” we would go back “


11th May

(C) David Oakes 2019

Saturday Excursion….. Tallinn


Tallinn, Estonia on the shores of the Gulf of Finland

Many of you will know that on Wednesday’s I feature a Favourite Place.  Places that I have visited on many an occasion and am drawn back to like a magnet.

There are though locations that I have only visited once, sometimes briefly, and upon leaving have said…” we must go back “.  Tallinn is one such location where there was just so much to see and explore… that one day was certainly not enough.  I hope we will get back to Tallinn….  in the meantime here is a brief picture tour.

Just a flavour of the busy narrow streets, architecture, mosques and churches with their towers and spires….everywhere a riot of colour.

4th May

(C) David Oakes 2019

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Paths, Trails, Sidewalks



Tourists flood the High Street in Gibraltar, a busy location.

But not all locations are as busy.  Simple or grand they all allow access to a different world and in many places they are far from lonely places. Places to socialise, gossip, take refreshments or simply just stroll.

But even in this busy world there is often just somewhere where you can enjoy solitude.  Here are a few we have wandered and discovered across in our travels over this last year….


If you follow this link you can see what others have suggested for this weeks “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge” :-

11th April

(C) David Oakes 2019