Getting Better…..


Big Wood,  Allestree,  Derbyshire

As another week draws to a close, a week that follows some stormy weather, it is now much calmer, and surprisingly getting much brighter, as if summer is returning.  Way past the mid point of October and we have temperatures of 18c (higher is some places) and some really bright summer sunshine.  OK it is lower in the sky, so now sneaks into parts of the woods that miss out in high summer. As to autumn….well  there are the odd sign that the change is starting, but for the most part it is still a green woodland scene.

Silver Birch are usually the first into leaf and the first to drop, this year the now dry leaves are hanging on. Likewise the Ash trees only need one touch of frost and there leaves will just drop. The seasonal success is Fungi which is starting to show.

No matter that the seasonal change isn’t exactly to time… it is still great to be out in the woods.

Perhaps it is the Lake that has accepted that autumn is on the way!


The only thing for sure is that we cannot hang on to summer forever and autumn then winter will follow 🙂

20th October

(C) David Oakes 2018


Grand Entrance….Cees B&W Photo Challenge – Steps

Lea Rhododendron Gardens


Just an idea for Cees B&W Photo Challenge on Steps.  These curved steps make a rather grand entrance (or exit) to a rather fine old building.

You can see other suggestions at :-

19th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

Slowly the Leaves are turning….


Autumn is late coming to our little corner of the UK. Very slowly the leaves are starting to turn colour.  The exotics were the first, but now ever so slowly the native trees are changing. Nor have the recent storms hastened things along, though there are now more leaves on the ground, wet from the rain so decay will soon begin…and with the warm temperatures we are still enjoying the fungi is starting to show.. So lets have a walk through the woods, the bracken is rapidly loosing its colour but the trees are still rather green with just a little autumnal golden glow.


Way past the mid point of October and still a rather pleasant late summer

19th October

(C) David Oakes 2018

All Change……

Sunshine and Showers bring forth May…ooops October Flowers

May or October the flowers have had a tough year trying to keep pace with the changing cyclical seasonal pattern.  Our Honeysuckle that gave us such a bountiful display of flowers in May is, in the middle of October, flowering again…


Berries on our Holy Bush first appeared in July, still in berry….but will they last till Christmas?

_DOI1759qqq And of course if you have Holly you must have the Ivy…which is in full flower


Nor is the Winter Flowering Jasmin going to be out done, it to is putting in an early performance….


So a right old hotchpotch of early, late and repeat flowers…just like us, not knowing if its spring, summer, autumn or winter.  I wonder if the seasons ever will get back to normal?

18th October

(C) David Oakes 2018