And It Rained…and then Rained some more


Iris in the Rain

Well it had to rain sometime…and as gardeners and farmers have been saying ‘we need some rain’….. well today they certainly got some and maybe a bit extra.  After our mini heatwave and a fabulous weekend it came as a bit of a shock to the system.  Nor was Buster pleased about a wet walkies….still needs must.

5th June

(C) David Oakes 2017


Too Wet …even for the Geese


It Rained….and then rained some more !

Buster and I were feeling rather sorry for ourselves, appearing to be the only folk out for ‘walkies’ in this wet weather…..but at least we could head back home to get dry and warm….not so these poor Geese.

As we headed homeward you could hear that plaintive call of the Geese,  as if saying  ‘take us with you….please’

16th May

(C) David Oakes 2017

Made a Pleasant Change……


Morning and sun over Allestree Lake…

At last……What a great start to Saturday, sunshine and wispy clouds in a blue sky. Not what was forecast and probably not here to last for long.

Yesterday everything just dripped with rain and walking in the woods whilst sheltering you from the worst of the rain was just a plod.  This morning it was a different world…




Enjoyable weather whilst it lasted… could be fooled into thinking that spring was on the way….. but by mid afternoon it had reverted to type.

But as my mother used to say….Be very grateful for what you have. 

4th March                   David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017

Into the unknown….


Morning, Allestree Lake

Wednesday morning was full of cheer…the sun shone and the sky was a watery blue.  Temperatures had dropped overnight and there was a breeze rippling the water.

The weather forecast had been full of doom and gloom so this was a surprise and bonus start.  Best make the most of it as “Storm Doris” was heading our way.  So with fleece zipped up we headed off to make the most of the morning.

The low sun cast long shadows but it was weak in strength and colours muted.  Snowdrops caught the best of the cold morning light defiant against the increasing breeze…..amongst them the wild Daffodils shoots were starting to show themselves.


Yep, the forecasters were very diligently painting a fearful picture of what was to come later in the day a weather shift that would take us into a stormy Thursday. It was  mid afternoon before you noticed a change in the mood, wind increasing and skies having a dark edge creeping up from the horizon.

By late afternoon the sky now moody was even darker


So at the end of the day we would close the windows, draw the curtains, turn up the heating a notch or two and wait and see if Storm Doris would be as grim as predicted.

22nd February                                   David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017

A Bright Corner…..


It has been rather dark and very wet over the past few days. But the Beech trees are still managing to add colour to these dark days.

The wind has stripped the leaves of most of the other woodland trees and now with no protective canopy the trunks are running with water..


The damp has produced one benefit for Fungi lovers.  At long last the fungi is bursting forth, several months late this year..

The bad weather has driven most of the wildlife into temporary hiding and one cannot blame them for taking shelter….down by the lake a lone young Black Headed Gull seems to have been abandoned by the flock, but he’s staying put …


After our extended summer and late autumn we should not complain about this wet and windy weather…but we no doubt will.  No sure how long it will continue but the forecasters are predicting that the jet stream is now heading northward away into the North Atlantic and this should draw in some more warm weather from the south.

We will see.


Meantime the outlook is rather grey.

24th November

(C) David Oakes 2016