Rain Again…


The Five Sisters of Kintail….

Rain again today and with it low cloud and a grey sky that seems to get darker by the minute. Sometimes rain doesn’t quite seems so bad….It was indeed wet when we were by Loch Duich in the Scottish Highlands last year.  Looking towards Morvich and the mountains know as the Five Sisters of Kintail…it was pouring down but somehow, possibly because we were in such fantastic scenery, it didn’t seem so bad.

12th January

(C) david Oakes 2018


After Doris – A Very Different Day….


A Early Morning Transatlantic Jet….

Bright blue sky, sunshine and fluffy white clouds scurrying across the horizon.  Very different for the terrible dark day that Doris gave us yesterday. In theory we were in the eye of the storms path….so heading off to the woods there was some trepidation as to what damage we might find.   But a minor miracle occurred as we only had one tree (by the lake) snapped.  Perhaps it was not the strongest of specimens but none the less one less….


We have to hold our hands up and say we were lucky, many places did not do as well.  The worst we had was two short power outs.

So this morning both in the woods and by the lake all seems well…

24th February                                                     David Oakes

(C) David Oakes 2017

The End of a Dark Damp Month…..


Just another Foggy start to a January Day….

A month that has seen us fluctuate between morning mists and thick fog…fog that has been getting increasingly polluted…a pollution you can taste.

It has also been consistently damp, yet it has also been the driest January on record.

So we live in hope that February will see a change…..mind you we have to be careful for what we wish for as the Forecasters predicted high winds and Gales with heavy rain….but looking on the bright side there will be above average temperatures

As always we will see…..Goodbye January.

31st January

(C) David Oakes 2017

Much the same again…..


A Misty Sunday Morning…

Branches like claws grasping the mist

Rather despairing of our weather forecasters…..Sunday was supposed to be bright for most of the day before rain later – which would also be the bench mark for next week. So full of anticipation we were ready to head out and make the most of the promised sunshine.

Sadly the day just got darker with early mist turning into fog.

Despite that rather depressive atmosphere the woods did as always provide an invigorating walk….and even a bit of colour to the day..


Last years Beech leaves hanging on for just as long as they can, all wet from the swirling mist that blends seamlessly with the bare trunks of the Silver Birch.

But for the most part it is just a ghostly grey changing silhouettes and deception of distance.


And now it is raining…at least that part of their prediction has come to pass. Sometimes I think they could get rid of their computer models and purchase a new Pine Cone or a piece of Seaweed….couldn’t be any less accurate.


29th January

(C) David Oakes 2017

Hope at last……


Ash tree’s emerge from the receding Fog……

Into all our lives here in our part of the world came a few shafts of light.  The forecasters tells us that the current blanket of fog will soon be just a memory.

But earlier in the day you could have been fooled into thinking they were spinning a tale, indeed it was still cold damp and foggy…

Gradually, very gradually, the fog thinned to a mist and slowly the sky that has been so well hidden for days started to emerge….

doi_1657_00028bbThe lake remained frozen, if anything the ice getting thicker most likely as the clearer sky allowed the heat to escape.  But that sun certainly lifted  the spirits…

…..and YES, the real blue sky is still there.


Allestree Lake

25th January

(C) David Oakes 2017