I Guess Winter has Arrived…..


Well it had to happen….winter has arrived this week.  A frost before dawn gave way to a rising mist as the sun dawned on what should have been a lovely day.  But that sun didn’t burn away the mist, it soon disappeared behind a mist that turned to thick fog, a fog that remained for the rest of the day.  Early promise dimmed to a very grey damp and cold day…with a midday cold of 3c .


It was spookily quiet round the lake, no birds, little moved, the ducks finding shelter in the reeds….so it was a surprise when we spooked a Heron….as always in these unplanned situations you just hope that when you grab the camera that the settings will capture something of the fleeting moment…


And that was as exciting as it got….best get back to the desk and some warmth.

(The forecast for the rest of the week is for mild weather, high winds and like it or not much needed rain)


6th December

(C) David Oakes 2018


Moody Monday….. well after a Snowy Sunday I guess its an improvement


Sunday we ‘enjoyed’ the biggest dump  of snow this winter in our little corner of England, it delivered more snow than the now infamous Beast from the East…..but being honest we have seen much worse over the years. Yep, I guess we have come off rather lightly.

So Sunday was snowy but also damp and very grey, not a hint of sunshine…

Temperatures were below zero at -4C but that felt even colder with a wind chill of – 5c…..   so -9c is damn cold for us  That wind did prevent the Lake from freezing so I suppose that is some consolation.


Today Monday much of the snow has gone but has left a legacy of thick ice on the roads.  Sunshine is promised for times today and temperatures are due to rise over the week. With Spring due to start tomorrow it would be nice to say goodbye to winter weather.

19th March

(C) David Oakes 2018


The Brighter Side of Winter…..


A Winter Posy…

A simple jam jar, a rustic windowsill, a touch of sunshine….and a posy from the  winter woodland.

Add a Robin searching for food,  new shoots of growth starting to show, enjoying that touch of sunshine and you have the Brighter Side of Winter in just two images.


Another great day avoiding the snow….but a threatening evening sky over the Lake..

Lakeside-Evening_filtered19th January

(C) David Oakes 2018


Dull Start for the weekend….


Dawn at Darley….

Our weekend weather forecast.   Wet, windy, grey and cold…maybe the odd bright spell, but that depends upon just where you happen to be in the UK.

However the Met Office always tries to finish it forecasts on a brighter note.  The sun will return later in the coming week BUT so will the snows and the possibilities that those snows will be a proper winter dump…. so far any snows have quickly come and gone. We will wait and see.

13th January

(C) David Oakes 2018