Cool in the Woods…. but a change is on the way


Big Wood, Allestree, Derbyshire


A nice bright sunny start, hot but thankfully the humidity level has dropped. Not a hint of a breeze through the woods…. just the twitter of lots of small birds. The summer visitors were late arriving so they were late nesting and breeding, the good news is that there are lots of insects to feed the hatchlings.


Equally as calm down by the Lake…. not a ripple.

Maybe this is the calm before the storm as the forecaster predict a change, heavy rain later and high winds towards the end of the week.

12th June

(C) David Oakes 2018



June is not “Flaming June”…. but it ain’t too bad.


All Calm over Allestree Lake

I guess you could say the weather of late was much more typical of early summer in England.  Not exactly wall to wall sunshine but more cloudy skies with occasional sunny breaks.  Still warm and humid which certainly has  encouraged an abundance of growth in the flora….


Burley Brook lost beneath a Fern and  extravagances of Wild Flowers 


Wild and left to grow where they will…and in my view as good as any Flower Show Garden.

Weather outlook for the rest of June…much the same again but with the occasional wet day

7th June

(C) David Oakes


A Change…but not for the Better!


Big Wood, Allestree

All good things must come to an end (or maybe for a short pause!)… after several weeks of fabulous sunny spring weather that magically changed into summer, there has been a distinct change.  Heavy dark clouds and a temperature drop.

So this mornings walk thru the woods was very dark only the bright fresh green on new ferns broke the sombre pallet of the Pines.   On the positive side….it didn’t rain.


It has now been confirmed that May was both the warmest and driest since (I think they said) 1912

4th May

(C) David Oakes 2018

A sunny Summers Day….


A Summers Flower Meadow

My preference is usually for a woodland walk, no matter the season or weather….but today the Wild Flower Meadows were too big a magnet to resist. The scent from the herbs as you brushed past to which you added a warm sun from a blue sky with fluffy clouds and it all seemed perfect..




Nor is our garden to be left out in the progress to summer….. everything seems to be coming on with a rush…

Hosta are just coming into flower…


Slugs that have been in hiding are now delighting in chomping their way thru the leaves. Our blue dwarf Hosta that usually are normally a month or more behind  the bigger whites, but not this season. Honeysuckle is starting to flower along with Roses and border Geraniums.  It is also the time for the Bees and insects are busy  harvesting nectar and pollen and there is a constant buzz amongst the shrubs…there are of course Spiders equally anxious to catch a meal.

With favourable weather, garden or countryside, its a grand start to summer… its also grand to be out and about


4th June

(C) David Oakes 2018