Its Official…Its Spring



20th March…at last the Spring Equinox, so officially it is the start of Spring. 


New life is starting to appear and before long everything will burst out of its winter hibernation in a rush of green and golden yellow soon to be followed by a multitude of rainbow colours.

That’s the good news for the day….. and whilst the sun IS shinning at the moment I don’t think it will be with us for long

20th March

(C) David Oakes 2018


Moody Monday….. well after a Snowy Sunday I guess its an improvement


Sunday we ‘enjoyed’ the biggest dump  of snow this winter in our little corner of England, it delivered more snow than the now infamous Beast from the East…..but being honest we have seen much worse over the years. Yep, I guess we have come off rather lightly.

So Sunday was snowy but also damp and very grey, not a hint of sunshine…

Temperatures were below zero at -4C but that felt even colder with a wind chill of – 5c…..   so -9c is damn cold for us  That wind did prevent the Lake from freezing so I suppose that is some consolation.


Today Monday much of the snow has gone but has left a legacy of thick ice on the roads.  Sunshine is promised for times today and temperatures are due to rise over the week. With Spring due to start tomorrow it would be nice to say goodbye to winter weather.

19th March

(C) David Oakes 2018


A Week on…. The Spirit of Mothers Day Blooms a little longer


From the Florist at this time of the year… but equally as welcome in our home, bring a fragrance and a big splash of colour. Of all the blooms in the Mothers Day Bouquet the Lilly is the biggest and blousiest of them all.  A week on and still at there best.

18th March

(C) David Oakes 2018

A Bad start but a Good finish


A Very muddy and Damp Stable Block

The forecast was for more rain but a promise of sunshine this afternoon. Well they didn’t tell no lies….. we did get some sunshine, a very brief spell of late evening light. At least it made the Lake glow….

The temperature at 5pm was 11c, not bad for March….but the prediction is for 0c maybe less overnight with the possibility of some snow.  If not snow, well more rain will have to do!


Allestree Lake

Best be grateful for a brief reminder that the sun is still up there !

16th March

(C) David Oakes 2018


Flippant Friday…. It is so easy these days!

Easter-Bonnet Web

Easter Bonnet’s

It is all too easy these days.. Gone are the days when youngsters would come home from school and announce that there was an Easter Bonnet Parade at school or competition at their Youth Group.  Maybe it was yourself being persuaded to enter the fun at your Dance Group or Choir.. whatever the reason there was a scrum around for a suitable hat and all the bits and pieces to decorate said hat.  It all required imagination and some creative ideas. Nor did it matter if some of the resulting Bonnets were let say a bit wonky , it all added to the fun of the event.

It is all too easy today…you just pop along to the local Craft Shop, buy the hat and a selection of decorative features…flash the cash and there you have it, job done.

 Not sure that is progress…. Everything to-day needs to be instant, probably less frustrating for some but not as much fun.  As for the kids does that really help their creative imaginations

16th March

(C) David Oakes 2018