Last of our Dahlias……


The last of our Dahlia’s…… usually the Dahlia  is a flower that lingers long until the first frost of autumn.  This year, despite some very heavy rains, has  also been the very opposite , very dry and record high temperatures.  Whilst this combination gave us lots of magnificent blooms they are now fading and ragged round their edges with just the odd one sparkling fresh like only a Dahlia ever can.

9th September

(C) David Oakes 2017


Back to Work….


Back to Work….

It is back to work after a long weekend….but for some there was no let up, jobs to do, places to BEE….and for the Bee’s and many other insects it bonanza time for nectar and pollen.  Late summer could be the last opportunity to stock up for the winter.

29th August

(C) David Oakes 2017

Tick Tuck…the Seasonal Time Clock Ticks!


Holly Berries on the Turn…

Nearly the end of August and the sobering fact that Christmas is only about 124 days away. Still it does seem a tad early for the Holly Berries to turn to there characteristic red. Maybe it is a lot to do with the topsy-turvy weather we have had so far this year.  Record high temperatures, then record rain fall whilst each day appears to bring a different climate.

Today it is sunny…well that is the way it started with the Beech woods still casting long shadows but also a vibrant green…


In the garden we still have some hot spots.  Honeysuckle is in its final flush of flower..


You know autumn is on the way when the delicate flowers share the bush with their new seed and berry heads…..

Elsewhere despite the colours there is a distinctive warm pre-autumn look to the garden…. encouraging us to enjoy the warmth and colour whilst we can…


The woods also present signs of our year moving to autumn.  Sweet Chestnut seem abundant this year…

Not sure that is an encouraging forecast for the winter.  Berries are very prolific as are the seasonal fruit crops and of course the Rowan.


There is a country saying that suggested in a year of heavy berry crops that the winter will be severe!

The flower meadow has now turned and awaiting hay making…IF the weather allows…


As for todays weather…well the afternoon turned wet and grey but did have the decency to allow a very short blast of sunshine thru the rain…


24th August

(C) David Oakes 2017

Seasons are changing…..


Montbretia have arrived…

The vibrant and rich red and gold of the Montbretia have burst onto the scene…..   Montbretia for me are a sign that autumn is well on the way. So to my mind they seedm to have arrived  a little early this year.

Still a very welcome (if early) visitor to the garden, the long thin steams wafting in the slightest breeze.

3rd August

(C) David Oakes 2017

Just a little sunshine……



Whilst we have been away on what was for the most part a very sunny holiday, the garden back here at home has obviously been suffering from a deluge or two. Much of the garden is showing signs of trauma and shouting out for some tender attention.

That is all apart from this Agapanthus which is looking healthy and basking in a little of the sunshine we brought home with us 🙂

But the day wasn’t over and the weather gave us another surprise….

 maybe this rainbow was a message of more good things to come…


Its nice to travel but nice to be home.

28th July

(C) David Oakes 2017