DP Weekly Photo Challenge – Story

SWANS 0070

Early Morning and time for a Family Outing

A success story for this pair of Swans.  Last year they added to their family and despite the dangers and threats of bringing up a family out in the wilds they have even succeeded in seeing them safely through winter months of harsh weather.

Despite everything they remain a tight family group and will do so for a little while longer….just until the young are old enough to find their own way in a wild world.

For me it is definitely a Success Story.

It is also my submission for this weeks DP Photo Challenge – Story

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8th March

(C) David Oakes 2018


Autumn approaches…but not quite yet!



Back here at home we fully expected autumn to be in full swing.  True there are some hints of that rich autumn colour to come but really it is unseasonably green. Tree cover is still thick and that is despite some recent strong winds. In places it does seem rather spring like….


Whilst that is all true I do have to be honest and say that ‘out in the open’ the colour of the light has lost its warmth, only where the sun catches red colours does it gleam….


One noticeable exception to my comments on the trees and their leaf cover is the Ash tree….all Ash in our immediate area have dropped their leaves.  I suppose it is more noticeable with Ash as when the leaves drop it is overnight and virtual instant…blink and they have gone….


Elsewhere the sun still struggles to more than just cast shadows…shadows that get longer with each day.  Autumn approaches but slowly.


20th October

(C) David Oakes 2017

Landscape of Contrasts Dark and Overgrown……to Lush and Bright




The green vegetation has gone spring mad, casting dark shadows over just about everything, only allowing slivers of sunshine thru…..perhaps mysterious is an apt phrase.

Nothing mysterious once we head into the woods. ….


Springs Fresh Canopy….

The early morning sun has a chance here to break thru the fresh spring leaves of the woodlands canopy not only is it some much brighter the temperature has shifted upwards by more than a few degrees.

The last of the Bluebells are making the most of the light, soon the glades will all be dark and they no more…


DSC_7312_00007-bbbxx - Copy

Down by the lake all is calm and the spring sunshine is creating what we hope will be a day full of promise…..

DSC_7337_00031bb - Copy

29th April

(C) David Oakes 2017