Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: COLORFUL


Lavender Steps

I have published this image before on my Blog…but when the topic nominated for this weeks challenge was ‘Colourful’ I immediately thought of all the colours of nature we get in an English garden across the summer….every hue and tint different from its neighbour even on the same petal.

You can go and see the colourful world of others on this link


27th August

(C) David Oakes 2018


Summer is on the way back….


It does seem strange but  encounters on the mornings walkies with Buster produced more than a few comments on how cool it was….25c rising to 27c ! Now that isn’t bad in my book and in a normal summer would be recognised as hot.  Yep, we had a blip in this summer’s heatwave over the weekend, even some rain, not as heavy as some nor as much as some of my gardening friends would have liked.

But it has freshened things up, the woods in particular smell and look fresher….the bracken is standing tall again even if the lower  stems are dry and brittle….autumn may well come sooner this year.

Talking of autumn the weekend winds have brought down some of the weaker branches and lots of dried leaves giving the woodland floor a real autumnal look….


Teasels, another late summer – autumnal indicator have also produced there prickly seed heads and most have lost those purple flowers, that for a short time, add to the attraction for feeding insects…


Nor does the recent wet spell seem to have harmed the Butterfly population. It has been the best year for a great many species. As soon as we got even just a little sun they were out again..

Back in the garden the Pale Whites which seem to have had an explosion this season are still busy on our Lavender…

_DOI8744-qqq So, as another month nears its end, I guess summer still has a great deal to offer us.

31st July

(C) David Oakes 2018


A Mid-Summer Treat…..


Broomfield Hall Gardens, Derbyshire

Yesterday was Mid-Summer and the weather was about as perfect as one could wish for. But we were also in for a treat…our Grandson Matthew, who is a student at Broomfield Hall, a part of Derby College, invited us to take a tour of part of the Walled Garden that have recently been restored.  Bromfield was once a ‘gentleman’s residence’  built in the 1870’s and the Scottish Garden designer William Barron was commissioned in 1880 to landscape the gardens on the 425 acre estate.

Over the centuries the Hall has had a mixed heritage.  Shortly after WW2 the Estate became an Agricultural College and now has a broad remit of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care.  As for the extensive gardens they had become neglected but slowly but surely they are being restored by both volunteers and students. I am told that despite the passage of time the garden layout and indeed the whole estate boundaries and field structure is the same today as in the 1880’s.


Many of the plants are raised in the gardens nursery by the Horticultural Students.


It is still work in progress so we will have to return at intervals to see just what they have instore for us.

It should also be mentioned that the Head Gardener was invited with the College to create a Long Border at the recent RHS Chatsworth Garden Show.  It was the first time they had taken part and to the teams credit they were awarded a Silver Medal…not bad!

22nd June

(C) David Oakes 2018

Tw’s only a hiccup…….

P is for Poppy

Summers Poppies….

Summer is back….yesterday was merely a plip in the weather.

Lush is the phrase used to describe to meadows flower, they also prove that white is as bright as any colour in the floral spectrum..


even the pond is lush with growth whilst sporting a ‘gem’ of a Lilly…



So far its not been a bad year for the flowers both in the wild or our garden.  Last year we seem to stagger through in uncertainty….this year everything seems to have happened with a flourish.  We just hope they aren’t all going to fizzle out.

19th June

(C) David Oakes 2018