Last day of August….


The Man of War, Lulworth

It is the last day of August and what a wonderful month it has been…full of sunshine and blue skies with only the very occasional odd spot of rain….it really has been a summer that dreams are made of.  The Meteorological Office insist that autumn starts tomorrow.

Well I for one don’t accept that, surely we have a few more weeks of sunshine to give us a lovely late summer to match what has gone before.

Good bye August…. a month to remember.

31st August

(C) David Oakes 2018


Autumn…its just around the Corner!



Someone said yesterday, that Autumn was just around the corner. It is an inevitable fact that Autumn will arrive. However I do hope that round this corner there is a long straight road of late summer for us to enjoy first.

The rains of last week, whilst not that intense, have revitalised the trees which for the most part are once again showing a spring like green..

Ash Keys are now plumping up with new seeds ready to be dispersed in the wind when they fall in the autumn.  What is worrying is the trend of recent years for the Horse Chestnut Trees to display brown rust spots on there leaves…very noticeable this year..


Late August the days have cooled…. but still the early morning glow, with a lower sun, does light up the browns and the odd leaf that has started to turn indicating that whilst hopefully it is some way off, autumn is on the way….


30th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

Age before, sorry correction, and Beauty


A Venerable Oak….

We have an old saying ‘Age before Beauty’ ….but in this case I reckon this English Oak is both venerable and beautiful.  True the trunk is gnarled and hollow, but its roots are firmly in the Derbyshire soil, from whence it gets the goodness to support a canopy of rich green leaves and a surprising number of acorns.

How old is this Oak?…  well I don’t know for sure but several Oak’s in this woodland have been aged at well over 1000 years old, so I guess this one cannot be far short.

28th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #8: COLORFUL


Lavender Steps

I have published this image before on my Blog…but when the topic nominated for this weeks challenge was ‘Colourful’ I immediately thought of all the colours of nature we get in an English garden across the summer….every hue and tint different from its neighbour even on the same petal.

You can go and see the colourful world of others on this link

27th August

(C) David Oakes 2018

Early Morning…and the sun shone



Early Morning in Big Wood, Allestree

The forecast is again one of mixed weather so it was obvious that we had to take advantage of the mornings sunshine for an invigorating and relax walk in the woods.

As we know the sun is rising later each day, lower in the sky and casting long dark shadows which all creates a different mood each day, as the year progresses inevitably towards autumn…but thankfully, and hopefully, a few more week of late summer weather will be very welcome. Meantime lets just enjoy those ever changing shadows and the refreshed rich greens.



And just to remind you that summer is nearing its end….. the Elderberries are now just about right for harvesting.


26th August

(C) David Oakes 2018