Will the Summer Return…..


Bedruthan Beach, Cornwall

Our helter-skelter summer weather seems to be more down than up.  I would love a day on the beach.  So it is very much in hope that our real summer will return soon….. but who knows, not I.

17th August

(C) David Oakes 2019



Moody Monday….. a long way till Friday !


Into the hills.jpg

On a Monday, more often than not, you are still buzzing from a relaxing and often activity filled weekend….  then the reality of the week ahead hits home, and Friday seems a long way off.

Not that this weekend has been particularly memorable for the right reasons…. instead outdoor events have been cancelled as the summer weather was put on hold.  Gales followed by a see-saw between sunshine and torrential rain in repetition.  Nor does the forecast for the week ahead look any better…. you have to have sympathy for those folk on annual holiday.

12th August

(C) David Oakes 2019

Moody Monday……. Unsettled Weather


Rossall Point

Rossall Point, Fleetwood on Morecambe Bay, Lancashire.  At times this can be a very wild place, at others one of wild beauty with views across the bay to the distant Cumbrian Fells. The stormy weather does constantly change the shore line. Despite the many breakwaters and groynes along this part of the coast there is a constant shifting of the sands and channels. In this image you can see some wooden stumps, some times they are hidden below the shifting sands. I was told they were the wooden foundations of long gone wooden lighthouse that stood high above the tide on stilts.

As our weather has been rather unpredictable, swinging from one extreme to another, I thought this an appropriate image.  Who said this was summer!

5th August

(C) David Oakes 2019


A Floral Reprise……. for July


Since last Autumn, through the Winter and Spring and now the Summer, the weather has certainly changed the predictability of the seasons.  This in turn has effect our flowers.  No matter if they grow in the hedgerows, fields or our gardens they have had to change with the new demands placed upon the natural world.   For long periods of time we have had high than the normal temperatures, in February and early March record highs for the month. Now in July we know we have had all time record high temperatures.   We have of course ‘enjoyed’ rain, at times it has been very welcome…. but it has also been exceptionally heavy and damaging.

Some of our plants flowered early, others much more prolific, some have suffered in either the heat or the wet, some like our Honeysuckle, normally an early flowerer,in our hedge, has this year had a ‘second coming’…… with flowers in greater abundance.

As July now comes to close, I thought we would reprise the wide variety (or at least some of the blooms) that we have enjoyed this month

In July we are always blessed with a wide variety of blooms…. but July is perhaps best famed for its Roses, this year they have certainly enjoyed the hot sun….


In one more day it will be August….I wonder what we have instore over the late Summer and into Autumn this year ?

30th July

(C) David Oakes 2019